China, Japan and Singapore “look to Malaysia” for biomass projects

China, Japan and Singapore have expressed interest in developing biomass plants in Sarawak, Malaysia, according to Deputy Minister of International Trade, Industry and Investment Datuk Dr Malcolm Mussen Lamoh. He told the state assembly that the potential investors have proposed biomass plants utilising conversion from agricultural wastes – with oil palm empty fruit bunches and kernels, wood and municipal wastes as feedstock.


“Biomass is one of the promoted industries that can be developed for green energy by the state government,” he said during a question and answer session. He added that Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) and the private sector have initiated biomass projects to produce wood pellets. “These wood pellets are exported to Japan, South Korea and Europe,” continued the minister. STIDC will continue to carry out research on other raw materials as feedstock such as bamboo, sago trunk, oil palm trunk, napier grass (hybrid tropical grasa) and algae, he said.