Brazil: World’s largest market pulp producer invests in €98.7m biomass boiler

Suzano, the world’s largest producer of market pulp, has announced it will invest R$650 million (€66.4 million) in the construction of a tissue paper mill in Espírito Santo, where it will also invest R$520 million (€98.7 million) to replace a biomass boiler.

The company will also invest R$490 million (€93 million) to expand the supply of fluff pulp in São Paulo.
The total investment of R$1.66 billion (€303.9 million), announced during the disclosure of the 3Q23 results, is aligned with Suzano’s strategic business avenues and underscores its commitment to constantly adapt its operations to evolving demand in Brazil and the global markets, according to the company.

The new biomass boiler will make the mill more efficient and stable, resulting in environmental gains for the operation. The boiler is slated to begin operation in 4Q25.

“Suzano’s competitive edge in the production of sanitary papers and fluff pulp, and the long-term growth of these markets driven by changes in consumption habits, underpin the strategy of strengthening our presence in these segments,” said Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano.

“We are the leaders in the Brazilian tissue paper market and pioneers in the production of fluff pulp from eucalyptus, which is why we must always be ready to serve our customers.”