The IEA Clean Coal Centre has always maintained an informal association with organisations that have a positive interest in sustainable coal utilisation. We feel that the time is now right to take that a step further and we are very pleased to advise that we have launched the IEACCC Knowledge Partners Network, to ensure better exchange of information and encourage future collaboration.

We are also delighted to note that there is already a very positive and growing response from companies, universities and other organisations to become part of this network. At the start of May we had close to 70 partners from 19 countries, with further invitations and requests being processed.

AustraliaCanadaChinaCzech RepublicFrance
MongoliaPolandRussiaSouth AfricaSpain

To see the logos of our current members, please visit our Knowledge Partners page on our website, which opens with the following text:

This network shows global solidarity between organisations that have a positive interest in sustainable coal utilisation, showcasing the breadth of our global knowledge partners and ensuring better exchange of information.

We are taking the Network forward as follows:

Building up communication links

  • My colleague Benedicte Brocks <>, who is our communications manager, will be contacting all signed-up members to identify a formal named contact in each case. She will be inviting them to register on our website and at the same time encourage their colleagues to do the same. This will give each of them access to our reports and they can sign up for the weekly newsletter.
  • We wish to ensure a better exchange of information on sustainable coal so that there is an improved awareness of who is doing what and where on related R, D&D. We encourage you all to provide your press releases, events announcements etc to Benedicte so that she can include them in our weekly newsletters which are sent to 7,000 people. We are here to assist you with enquiries, including connecting those of you with similar needs and interests. We will also alert you to our responses on sustainable coal discussions.

Enhancing our studies programme

  • Our studies manager is Debo Adams <>, who is always keen to interact with the international community and is looking to provide added value for our high-quality studies reports. She would like to hear from industry partners who are willing to provide technical and financial data to feature in our studies.  To keep you informed of the topics under review, every six months, she will send each Knowledge Partner primary contact a list of studies in progress with the authors’ email addresses and a request to make contact when they are interested in providing case studies and other information, or if they would like the opportunity to peer review  the draft document.

Broadening our outreach programme

  • Although it is not active at present due to the COVID-19 crisis, I oversee our outreach programme, which includes a series of workshops that are typically held each year and a major clean coal technologies conference that takes place every other year. We are regularly looking at how best to broaden the scope of the overall programme, so if you would like to be our local partners then please let me know at <>. We also encourage you to take advantage of your 10% discount rate for attending our events. We are active participants in other organisations’ events where we can make a positive input so again please ask if you think we can add value to your activities.

At the IEA Clean Coal Centre, we are all keen to work with you whenever possible. So do contact us if you would like to join our Knowledge Partners Network.

Dr Andrew Minchener OBE

General Manager

IEA Clean Coal Centre

May 2020

To discuss becoming a part of out Knowledge Partner Network, please contact us:

Andrew Minchener (General Manager):

Debo Adams (Studies Manager):

Benedicte Brocks (Communications Officer):