Biomass Power Plants Rise in Japan

On a single day, ceremonies were held in Japan regarding two large-scale biomass power plants, revealing the brisk development of this form of renewable energy derived from plants and animals. In Fukushima Prefecture, the completion ceremony for the 112MW Fukushima Iwaki Biomass Power Station was held. The power plant, operated by Able Energy, entered commercial operation on April 1. It includes investment from Kansai Electric Power Company and Kyudenko. Wood pellets imported from North America are used as fuel by the plant, and the energy produced will be sold to the Tohoku Electric Power Company.

At the ceremony, Yukihide Sato, the president of the company, said that “we aim for operating the safest and most secure power plant in Japan with a strong sense of teamwork.” On the same day–April 15–that the completion ceremonies were being held in Fukushima Prefecture, groundbreaking ceremonies were being held for another 112MW biomass plant, this time in Aichi Prefecture.

The Tahara Biomass Power Plant will be constructed by Chubu Electric Power Company and Toho Gas, with wood once again expected to be the primary fuel.

Full-scale construction of this plant will start in June, with operations scheduled to start in September 2025.